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Your business is unique, so our marketing services are flexible.  You can choose an individual service or a package that fits your current needs.  Marketing needs to change over time so, we will check in with you often and make updates as needed.  

Use LinkedIn Like a Networking Meeting

You need to get your message in front of the right people.  LinkedIn is an underutilized avenue full of marketing potential. We will guide you through a proven 3-step process to ensure your message gets in front of your target market.

We guide you to create targeted message campaigns that get your message out to the right audience on LinkedIn. You will typically start to see results within a few weeks

Step 1: Professionalize your profile, and position yourself as the expert.

Step 2: Connect with the right people.

Step 3: Tell them what you do.

How involved you would like to be in this process depends on you and your time constraints.  Let's talk about levels of service and how you would like this framework to work for you.  Are you the hands-on type?  Or would you like to have increased interest in your business, meetings booked, and/or website traffic increased without taking time out of your schedule?

Level 1 We guide you through the basic proven steps and you can take the wheel.

Level 2 In addition to the proven steps you will receive mentoring and follow-up to ensure your campaigns are successful.

Level 3 Hands off the wheel! This level of service has Boomtag Media take on your LinkedIn inviting and targeting along with message sequences and follow-up.

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Reserved for Networking Event

Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

The growth potential for your business after installing a CRM is explosive.  You choose your system to house and grow your contacts (email, phone numbers, deal status, growth potential). 

There are a variety of CRM systems with a variety of pricing.  Boomtag will help you implement the CRM and get you started on the right foot with a series of welcome emails and templates. 

In addition, many CRM systems now have the capability to create landing pages that can help grow your email list.  There is a whole world of things you can do with a CRM

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Branded Post Content

Posting Branded Post Content on a consistent basis is key to building brand recognition.  We offer this as a stand-alone or as part of a package in conjunction with our other services offered as a 2-a-week minimum.  Scheduled and posted to your various social media platforms.

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Branded Post Content

Canva Design

Need a design?  The sky is the limit with Canva design.  Specific sizes are not a problem.  Let us take on your design projects.

+ Brochures




+Business Cards

+Much More

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Custom Hand Crafted Logo Design

Our artist starts with a hand sketch of your idea, so your logo is one of a kind.  Have you browsed through templated design ideas for your business and you are just not finding what you want?  Do you have an awesome idea on your mind and you need help bringing it to reality?  

We offer custom artwork for your logo design. We can also produce multiple versions of your logo so that you can use them for different situations.  

There is a $300 deposit required to start a custom logo, for more additional details schedule a quick info session.

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