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Profile Makeover

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Make your LinkedIn Profile sell better than your business cards!  If you have your LinkedIn profile set up correctly, it will do more for you than any business card ever could.  You need an optimized profile to get the most out of LinkedIn and to help establish your authority on the LinkedIn platform.  Boomtag Media specializes in LinkedIn marketing.  For just $125 we will complete a LinkedIn makeover which will include a eye catching Banner, a About Section review, Creator Mode tips, and Skills update.  Plus you can learn more about how and why you should use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business.

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Go Ahead Hit That Button

Get optimized for the best business networking social media site out there.

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Boomtag Media

Learn more about Boomtag Media's marketing services.

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Ready for Launch?

Still have doubts?  Take advantage of a free marketing review to get your questions answered.